Brand Consultancy

“A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association).


Advertising is a powerful tool to create and shape a brand universe as it is very visual and tells a story about the product/company.


The value of your brand is in part a perception of the brand in the eyes of customers. We can help you to develop brand value working through a strategy to develop recognition and loyalty.


Brand messages are delivered based on answers to the questions how, when, what and to whom and where your brand strategy is.


Your brand design enables you to connect with customers in effective ways which are appealing and engaging. This is tied into the brand identity and represents a flow of design which extends throughout every aspect of communication.


The logo design is a key extension of your brand and enables your brand to be quickly identified. It should evoke a recognition from customers which tie in with your brand story.


Your brand will establish a relationship with customers which will set their expectations. This requires a delicate balance between they value they see in you and the values you have as a business. This is the trust you will develop with the right messaging and brand identity.

Examples of our branding work


We worked with Trekser to develop the brand from the ground up. From logo design through to Wix based website and social media profile. Some of the Instagram posts showed the impact of highly effective SMM.

Copthorne Trust

Copthorn Trust approached us to work with them following our successful work with Safecare Eco Holdings. We integrated a new brand identity to incorporate both EcoLife Holdings and the Duff family crest. This was combined with website work, document templates and Google Suite for Enterprise.

Safecare Eco Holdings

Safecare already had an established brand but were looking for a refresh of their logo along with a new web presence and updated branding for their products. We helped them to develop a consistent brand profile, introducing Google Suite and even developed some key Slide Decks, Company brochures and prospectuses.

Oplus Biotech Global

OBG is our newest client and our work has started with the development of a brand profile, new logo and the website is in development.