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We can support your business with a range of expertise if you are looking to introduce a more efficient, digital environment, we can deliver a programme of Digital Transformation to modernise your business.  Is your brand lacking in professionalism or just not connecting with your customers? Let us give you a facelift and really drive your brand values home.

Digi-Ed has its roots in education and providing high-quality digital resources, ready for the boardroom or the classroom is a key focus of ours beyond 2020. We are developing using key tools such as Google Suite for Enterprise and Google Suite for Education, delivering the benefits these systems offer in a way which makes life easy for you. We can offer training and post-deployment services as well.

We are working hard to create new eLearning Resources all the time. Our initial focus is GCSE and A-Level Subjects but we are happy  to take requests for your subject areas. Let us know:

eLearning Resources

Brand Consultation

Logo Designer at Work

We can develop a logo for you which truly expresses your brand and enables you to build strong brand recognition with your customers.


Digital Transformation



Change happens when there is a strong vision at the start. When an organisation has a clear vision it means the leader has ensured that the business and wider community are working together toward shared goals for the future.

Education Support & Resources


With G Suite for Education, educators can create opportunities for learning, streamline administrative tasks, and challenge their students to think critically—all without disrupting current workflows. G Suite for Education tools are powerful on their own, but work even better together.


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