Digital Skills Training

The transition of your workforce into digitised workflows and processes can be a challenging time. It can involve a challenging schedule of training and implementation which can railroad the original objectives of digitisation. Our training is best used in coordination with a digital transformation strategy which Digi-Ed can help you to develop.

Leadership Training

Leaders often require specialised training, especially where they have ongoing training responsibilities or perhaps specialist software which other employees don't use.

Small Group Training

We specialise in small group training, empowering key employees to develop the tools required to provide support to other staff members going forward.

One to One Training

We offer one-to-one training in various contexts, including catch-up sessions, in-depth reviews and specialised learning.

Bespoke Training

Our training is tailored to your needs. Whatever your platform and associated devices, we can offer training and strategies to enable your business to optimise workflows and maximise productivity.

All of our training can be delivered using appropriate social distancing in person or via video conferencing such as Zoom, Google Meet, Whatsapp and others.