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Experts in Web Design and Digital Marketing services for businesses specialising in eco-friendly products and services.

*You may not be in this for the money...

...in fact, it's fair to say that you likely considered a number of other motives when starting your business, and no doubt your green agenda was top of the list. However, we also understand that all businesses need to be successful to survive and this usually means that cash has a place, otherwise you don't have a business, you have a hobby. And let's face it, the more bucks you have, the more good stuff your business can continue to do in the world.

At Digi-Ed our Eco focus is steadfast. We care about your philosophies, your objectives and the ambitions you have for your business and none of this will be lost as we sculpt the ideal solutions to get your message out there to the right people in the right places.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and see what we can do for you.

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Web Design

Stunning websites curated with care to truly live and breathe your brand online with the mobile experience prioritised.

Capture and keep your customers close and take them with you on your journey as you grow your business.



Highly professional branding including logo design, brochures, newsletters, flyers, business cards and more. 

Take your branding either off or online with our core of excellent design processes specialised in an eco business approach.


Expert video editing to suit any style of communications, whether internally or for advertising purposes.

We use cutting-edge technology to produce high-end results which our clients love.

Join our growing band of delighted customers as we build a growing portfolio of clients with a focus on sustainable, eco-friendly business.

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Whether in a commercial or domestic setting, the CleanTech Pro Team are able to ensure the sanitisation of your space using only eco friendly products.

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The UK's premier manufacturer of plant-based cleaning and sanitisation products. With a blend of biodegradable products, SafeCare takes care of your world.

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My Eco Clean

Can't find the eco products you're looking for in the supermarket? Order online with My Eco Clean's range of green cleaning products.

We can help you to grow your business, the natural way.

We want to help you to make a difference in the world with outstanding Web Design and Digital Marketing.

Let us help you to put our hands around the world.

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