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Mobile-Optimisation In Web Design And Why It's Important

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Mobile this, mobile that...

Way back in 2000 working for Orange as an Internet Project Manager, I felt that I was at the cutting edge of not just mobile telephony, but technology in general. To celebrate this, I had used the company's generous employee discount scheme to secure a Nokia 7110, otherwise known as "The Matrix Phone".

I thought I was the bee's knees as many people didn't even have a mobile phone at the turn of the century. What we were trying to do with phones in those days felt pretty cutting edge. We were using WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) to take the mobile phone beyond simple SMS and voice calling with which it was synonymous. There had been attempts to overstate the power of this technology at the time. However, we were under no illusions that this was the future of the Internet. "The Internet in your Hand", or Orange in your Pocket as we called it at the time.

Fast-forward 20 years and the technology in almost unrecognisable but the same old challenges remain. How do we get a mobile-friendly internet experience onto our mobile phones? When Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007, it wasn't the first touchscreen phone, nor the first phone without a physical keyboard. However, it was an industry game-changer as the sheer beauty of a full-screen, full-colour, fully-interactive image appeared to consign older handsets like my Nokia to the dustbin of time (almost with the Nokia company itself).

The fact is that it is only recently that we have been able to enjoy truly immersive content with the introduction of 4G. As we anticipate the introduction of 5G (conspiracy theories notwithstanding) and the advancements this will bring, we look at the impact of good (and bad) mobile web design on your business.

When will we take it seriously? It may seem that everyone has a mobile phone now, but the fact is that mobile uptake is still increasing. Still, many websites are created without consideration for the needs of mobile customers.

This could have a devastating effect on your business, and the point is you may not even realise it. It really is time to take mobile web design seriously as the research speaks for itself.

Is it that important to have a website designed for mobile screens? It's tempting to leave your website as most SME business owners have enough on their plate. However, the impact of unsatisfactory mobile web experiences for your customers can be significant.

Is it possible to have a positive eCommerce experience on mobile? It is a natural feeling of trepidation when considering online transactions, but much less than demanding it, customers expect it these days. The impact of a lack of an online store for Morrisons is well documented as a core reason behind the supermarket retailers falling profits in 2013.

Moving with the digital times is essential to any business regardless of size, does anyone remember Blockbusters? At one point it was the only way to spend a Friday after work, browsing the new VHS/DVD titles to rent over the weekend. That they subsequently turned down the opportunity to buy Netflix has gone down in folklore and destroyed a business which defined the high-street in the 90s and 00s. The moral of the story is clear - don't get left behind. If you have a physical product, you need to get it online or someone else will.

I don't sell products online, so why should I care? It's understandable to believe that if you don't have a physical product, that a web presence just isn't that important. Let's say you're a local cafe serving local customers. Will a website really do anything to boost your business? Well in the mid-COVID post(or pre)-lockdown world a website has never been more important. Want your customers to know that you have re-opened after lockdown? You need a website. Want your customers to know you have adjusted your opening times? You need a website. Changed your menu or offering new services such as home-delivery/takeaway?

You need a website. Your customers may no longer just be walking past the shop window and they expect to be able to get the latest information directly from you. And yes! It needs to be mobile-optimised. No one wants to have to pinch-zoom into your information on your desktop only website.

I have a Facebook page - isn't that enough? The short answer is no. Now don't mistake us - a Facebook page is a must for any business - especially the smaller ones. However, you must own your content and driving customers to your website has numerous benefits. You can impress your brand on your customers and start to build brand loyalty.

With your own website, you are able to direct traffic to the things you want them to see. Have a special discount offer or a new product, the most effective space to communicate this is on your own site.

Isn't getting a new website stressful and expensive? That's where we come in. We specialise in mobile-optimised websites. The kind of content that draws new customers in and encourages existing customers to stick around. From just £1000 we can build a website you can be proud of and (re)connect with your customers.

During September 2020 we are offering all new customers 50% off all of our plans.

Get in touch today and see how we can help you get online.



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Digi-Ed Key Mobile Web Stats

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