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Welcome to Digi-Ed: A Short Autobiography.

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Six years ago, whilst only a few weeks into my tenure as Head of Business Studies at a Secondary school in South London, a student asked: "If you are Head of Business Studies, why don't you have your own business?". It was an honest and direct question which I batted away using my previous career in internet marketing and project management. It was something I was used to leveraging with frequency in my teaching career. It wasn't always convincing enough to my students who were themselves considering career options as they tackled challenging A-Level exams. The passing of time meant it began to ring more hollow for me as I pondered the dichotomy of my two career paths and where I could see the overlap.

I decided that I needed to add some authenticity to my role as Head of Business and my move into Assistant Headship only reinforced this desire in me. My specific task involved addressing the use of IT through the school. I planned to revolutionise the IT infrastructure by focusing on the learning needs of the students whilst operating within a tight budget. GSuite provided the perfect platform combining the use of Chromebooks with Google Classroom, Forms and Sites which felt revolutionary. (It has also proved essential in the lockdown reality we are still living through with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic).

This work had two striking impacts on me.

  1. I saw upfront the impact of modern cloud-based technologies which were device agnostic.

  2. It pricked a previously lost interest I had in Web Design.

I began to build Google Sites for students, complete with YouTube videos, lesson presentations, quizzes, assessments, homework tasks, practise tests and much more. It was a labour of love and I had a passion for the technology and what it could alongside my delight at the impact it had on the students.


From Teacher to Business Owner

From this start, the initial concept for Digi-Ed was born. "Just a project?" my mum asked when I first told her about it, "erm yes" I replied, but actually in my heart it was much more than this. I wanted to make this a success but didn't quite know how to frame it.

Stop-start-stop-start, the journey towards building a business of your own is understandably never a straight line but we have certainly had more than our share of challenges in the first two years of Digi-Ed. Then along came Safecare Eco Holdings, our first major client.

Whilst I was still figuring out what I wanted Digi-Ed to be, Safecare provided me with a huge challenge. They needed a complete overhaul of their brand to make the business more attractive to potential investors.


Getting our priorities straight

The work completed with Safecare, and subsequently with Oplus Biotech and The Copthorn Trust has shaped Digi-Ed into what we are today. We encapsulate our priorities as follows:

  1. We will prioritise the customer experience. If the result doesn't work for the customer, it can get in the bin.

  2. We will use the right technology. We don't want to limit our offering to one or two areas of specialism which is why we will always discuss this with you in our initial consultation.

We want you to be as proud as us with the final product, whether that's a snappy, mobile-optimised website, engaging learning resources or cutting-edge advertising tools. We'll do everything in our power to make this happen.

Why always "mobile"..?

We believe that technology has had such a significant impact on our world that even the marketing industry is barely recognisable from the environment I left in 2008 to start my teaching journey. It feels almost impossible to stay up-to-date in a world where new jobs and career paths are being created all the time.

Working for Orange mobile phone company in 2002 WAP technology was the next big thing and the idea that browsing the Internet could move to your hand lead some companies to overstate the capabilities of available technology at the time.

Smartphones are widespread now and a growing access point for your customers, whoever they are, wherever they are. (More on this in our next blog!).

We won't let you get left behind. We will create a mobile experience which is highly effective in reaching its goals and spectacular in achieving its outcomes.

If you need a website and want to take advantage of our fantastic September Sale, visit our website www.digi-ed.co.uk and sign up to our newsletter for your code to get a 50% discount on our standard plan prices.


Founder Digi-Ed Ltd.

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