Get Chromebooks into the hands of students safely and cost-effectively

Chromebooks are a specific type of computer laptop which are designed and developed using the Chrome Operating System and which must all share some fundamental technical specifications. With a variety of devices available from different manufacturers, there is something for every budget.

The number of different Chromebooks being manufactured is increasing exponentially, however, it is clear that there are some more suited to the rigours of the classroom than others.

One of the best devices on the market for education, the Asus C213 Chromebook offers some key benefits for students and teachers.

Digi-Ed can work with you to build a strategy for either school capitation, leasing or setting up parental contribution schemes through our key partners.

The 40,000 swing test (0 to 360-degree), the Zinc alloy material and the all-steel internal structure ensure that each hinge works flawlessly.
Military grade reliability & durability to withstand every situation in school
A spill-resistant keyboard is a must for the classroom where accidental spilling of liquid is not uncommon.
More interaction & more responsive learning
Intuitive touches with optional EMR pen for more creative learning
Group discussion and sharing of the same Chromebook are made easy by the robust hinges, facilitating a flat-bed 180-degree position.
The C213 is equipped with a battery life of more than 12 hours ensuring that learning is continuous and uninterrupted.
Dual Camera HD+5MP capability. The ingenious dual camera function allows for video conference and photography, taking the learning experience to a whole new level of creativity and collaboration.