LEADING DIGITAL Transformation

Support to lead your schools toward a vision of change

Digi-Ed knows that every school is different so we use the Google Transformation Framework to help you to develop a bespoke solution to fit your ethos and vision.


School change only happens when there is a strong vision at the start. When a school has a clear vision it means the leader has ensured that the school and wider community are working together toward shared goals for the future.


Successful school leaders create structures, rituals, stories and symbols that foster a culture of innovation and encourage people to learn from failure and success.


Technology is only one enabler of school change, but it's a critical part. School leaders find, test, and gain their team's support for the right technology (tools and processes) to meet the school’s vision.

Funding & Sustainability

School leaders create a sustainable budget, identify a range of funding sources, and seek savings and reallocation opportunities that align directly to student goals.

Community Engagement

Schools serve diverse communities made up of parents, families, businesses, government, nonprofits, and residents. Throughout all stages of the transformation process, leaders ensure these partners support the school and the vision.


School leaders empower their teams to create a set of instructional practices, curricula, assessments, and learning experiences that put students at the centre — that engage learners deeply and meet their individual and collective needs.

Professional Development

Teachers have a lot on their plates. School leaders provide educators with effective professional development (PD) and ongoing coaching focused on applying tools and practices to meet student needs.